Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving on...over.

Welp...I am moving, again. :)

Yes, yes. The word gypsy has never carried so much weight in my life (despite the fact that it is the most ocmmonly used word in the Thomas family vocabulary). Tuesday night I went over to my friend Julia's house (Julia is the new Young Life intern here in Charlotte) to stay the night. Julia lives with one of the most gracious, loving and nurturing women I have met. Robin lives in a three bedroom townhome and Julia moved in there to live just about 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, When I got there on Tuesday night Robin called me into the kitchen and said that we needed to have a pow wow. I stood there confused with my pillow and toothbrush in hand ready to make a joke about how I was just going to leave a toothbrush there so that I wouldn't always have to remember to bring my own. Robin proceeds to tell me that God loves her and because he loves her he gave her a home. She was blessed by many a family when working for Young Life when given a place to live for free in order to do ministry.

She then proceeded to tell me that God was giving her the opportunity to offer her home to me as well. That she and Julia had talked, and wanted me to move in with them. Crazy people. I love crazy people. So...that's that. I moved some of my stuff over there today and will be there temporarily until I get better acclamated with the area around where I am working at the YMCA and the area around Ardrey Kell (AK) where I am leading Young Life.

Can you believe how GOOD God is?

Not to mention I get to wake up to some of the sweetest emails. ;)


Grandpa said...

Good luck with your new arrangements. Love and miss you.

Kathy said...

I dont get the "sweetest emails" comment