Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updates coming

I know it has been ages, and today my mom reminded me. I have been neglecting my blog, and though I am notorious for being a quitter (gymnastics, ballet, flute, swimming, guitar), this is not something I am quitting. The past week has been busy and wonderful and unforgettable all in one.

Tonight I head up to a concert a little north of Charlotte with Dad and my sister Danielle. They got into Charlotte today and we are going to see Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and's favorites. After they leave tomorrow I should have a little bit of time to sit, breathe, process and then write...because I gotta write, because life is changing and I want to keep up.

God is good people. Expect updates tomorrow. It is a priority


Chad said...

you neglected to say that you were so busy you weren't able to see me haha

Adrienne said...

I'm so excited for the updates!