Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Do not worry about tomorrow" (Matt 6:34)

I am really experiencing what it means to trust in the Lord. Yesterday I spent more time going to about 7 different restaurants applying and then did some more online applications for some non-profit jobs and some other random jobs. I went over to REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) today to apply there. It is one of the few jobs that I applied for that I would LOVE to get. They are not hiring, just like everyone else, but I submitted an application anyway. Plus I met some cool people and I think that I am going to volunteer to clean some hiking trails with them next Saturday at a special community event. Who knows? I have never been one ot stick to one group of friends. And here I have room, I have room for love.

It is crazy being down different it is. I am truly in the Bible belt. I feel like it is taboo not to be a Christian. That can go a lot of different ways, but so far it has been great to help me be able to just spark conversations with random people that I meet. This happened when I was getting my haircut and while I was doing some pottery at a studio. It is a great way to network too because lots of people here have money and good connections.

Anyway, short post tonight. I have to get up at 545 and be on the road by 6 am to meet Sarah Satt an hour north and drive up to Cincinnati for the weekend. I can't wait to see friends. I am looking forward to the weekend and not the drive, but am excited to be heading with Sarah. She was on the first camp trip I took with Mariemont and will be a senior in college next year. good times.

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Kathy said...

I miss you! When will you be home?