Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mom and I
Obvi dad is standing on a ledge

So, I am currently in Charleston, WV...on the back porch with mom and Rebecca. I drove in from Cincinnati today, having said my round one goodbyes. (Sweet sixteen and final four goodbyes to come in the next two months). I head out to Charlotte tomorrow. It has been a ridiculously busy and monumental week.

Graduation was on Saturday, and the family got to Cincinnati on Friday night. Turns out I did something right, for once, and made reservations at Montgomery Inn, right on the Ohio River. Everyone loved it and we were SO FULL. Ribs, pulled pork, and porkchops...straight from the former Porkopolis of Cincinnati. Rebecca and Alex spent the night with me on Friday and we stayed out pretty late with friends. I had to be on campus in my cap and gown by 745 AM on Saturday morning, and it was raining. Perfect. Molly and I waltzed into the auxiliary gym, only to be met with 600 of our classmates, all of them sweating, tired, and impatient.

Graduation only took about 2.5 hours and I swear to you the whole thing is a blur. I stared at people's names in the program most of the time, and then when I walked across stage I definitly blacked out. Don't remember any of it. I was DEATHLY nervous. As I headed backstage to get my actual diploma, I find out I dont get one because I have a $10 bill for Xavier. woopsieeeee. The rest of the day can be most accurately described as a tornado. Moving out is by far the WORST experience...every time I have to do it, but I REJOICED because my parents and Rebecca were there to help! It was a quick and busy 3 hours, but its done and over with.

So...tomorrow it is. I will move into my new "apartment" tomorrow and meet two different Young Life families in Charlotte. I am anxious.

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