Monday, May 11, 2009

future prayers

Okay. I need to be upfront and honest with you. This is a crazy week. I will be packing away my life to move out of my apartment when my parents come in for Graduation with a UHAUL. I will be participating in Senior week activities. I will be hanging out with as many of my high school friends for as long as I can. And I will be saying temporary initial goodbyes to all of my college friends. I will see most of these people, both high school and college friends, in the coming weeks after I have already come and gone, but the graduation aspect makes it so final.

All of this being said, I will be pretty busy this week and apologize in advance for not blogging much.

I was able to go to Columbus this past Friday night to visit friends who I won't see for a while. Some of them are gone all summer and some I will see Memorial Day weekend for Leader Weekend at Rockbridge. I love Columbus, really really love it. I have never lived there, but I keep saying that if I were to come back to Ohio, Columbus would be the place. Preeminantly, it feels like how I feel in Charlotte, just a little cooler (temperature that is). I was lucky enough to get to stay at my friend Sarah's house. It is a pretty funny and confusing story how I know Sarah, so I am not going to go into it, but she is a sophomore at Ohio State who leads YL. Her brother is involved...we will leave it at that....

Anyway, she lives with i think 7? girls in "The Coop." Something I have never appreciated is naming your houses. This is big at Miami U. and Ohio State, but doesn't exist at Xavier. Anyway, I was there for probably less than 12 hours, but it was CRAZY how that house really felt to me. It felt so much like a home in the way that my house as college never has. It wasn't remarkably different physically from most college houses (girls houses that is), but it was so glaringly different. As I walked around the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, Sarah's room...I felt like Christ's love was oozing from the cracks. It was unbelievable how surrounded by love I felt. I only interacted with two of her roommates, but they were so generous. They have encouraging words and verses all over that place. Pictures of each girl with uplifting words written all around.

I can't even explain it, but I know that I want that. I loved college. I loved my living situation every year. And I know that it was part of the Lord's plan. It has made me who I am in Christ, and who I am in ministry. Evangelism has been the focus. As I move to Charlotte, I will be honestly asking my God for a home where fellowship is the focus. Where evangelism happens, but fellowship is the focus. For women, multiple women, who desire the same thing.

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Grandpa said...

Congratulations. Thinking of you a lot these days. Love you. Have a great graduation week and weekend.