Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Set in Stone surely has been a ridiculous week. I was thinking that being out of school and done with work would mean that I have oodles of free time. Turns out...not so much the case. I have not been home longer than 2 hours except to sleep...and sometimes shower. I have a few boxes already packed with things from my room and will be tackling my closet today - a worthy opponent. Senior week has been so great. I am hanging out and talking to people who I might never see again, but rather than think about the sadness of it all, I am trying to relish in the memories being made here. Molly and I canoed yesterday...much to her chagrin. I dragged her out of bed because I was being a brat and wanted a partner, but we had the greatest time.

We decided to tackle the river rope swing as a team. I climbed up first, shaking uncontrollably, and ended up successfully executing the rope "swing" smoothly. Molly, in her true individualistic fashion, adapted the form of the rope "swing," creating instead what she referred to as the rope drop. As Molly had hold of the rope and was ready to jump from the tree, she commented on her shaky arms and legs. She mounts the courage and proceeds to jump from the tree, slide down the rope and drop straight in to the water. It turns out that this was probably intentional and smarter because the water was deeper towards the bank where the tree was rooted, rather than in the middle where others were dropping from the apex of flight. Great memories.

I have decided to leave Cincinnati on Tuesday the 19th, head home to Charleston, spend the night there, then move down to Charlotte on Wed the 20th. This allows me to make it before the Gardner's leave for their YL assignment. I have had a lead on a nannying job, as well as a call from the TPC golf course in Charlotte. We shall see. I will be heading to Virginia, Rockbridge Alum Springs YL camp, for leader weekend on the 22-25 for my last leader weekend with the Buckeye Region. I need ot find a new word, rather than always saying crazy. because I am tempted to say it now...

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hawleykj said...

don't forget to stop by before you leave if you get time.