Friday, June 26, 2009


I am currently blogging from the nearby Caribou Coffee. There is not a great internet connection at my studio apartment above the garage and this place is about 2 blocks away. Plus after consulting with Charles yesterday, I have decided to jump on the "I-am-never-paying-for-internet-again" train. It's ridiculous. With places like Caribou and Panera (who have FREE internet - BOO starbucks) you don't need your own. I can come sit here for as many hours as I would like just sucking up their free internet connection while not having to buy anything. Clearly I am cheap.

I am sitting here RIDDEN with anxiety over something in my life that is causing more stress than my 18th Century English Novel class where we had to read 4 books over 800 pages each in one semester. I am here with three more hours to cram for the first of 4 exams in order to be considered done with training for my new job. What sort of job is this where I have hours worth of homework to do you ask? Am I taking the CPA exam? Nope. Am I taking my health and life insurance exam so that I can sell something so important that you gotta have it to die? Niet. What about a test in order to be a physician that saves lives? again, no way jose.

I am studying for the first of four FOOD tests that make me eligible to be a FULL-FLEDGED SERVER at Firebirds. And trust me, I am taking it seriously. Today I gotta be able to rattle off the ingredients and my own little spiel about the 7 appetizers. Wanna know the most popular one? I know you don't, but because I am studying you get to anyway - the Lobster Spinach Queso. Yes its great...but really...can't people read the menu.

In all seriousness I am happy that I am being trained as diligently as I am. I never went through any proper server training at the golf course that I worked at in college and so, never felt comfortable or well-equipped when I had a table who wanted something besides the all-you-can-eat buffett. MOVE OVER Keri Russell in Waitress.

In other news, not much else going on. Michael Jackson died. Please be thinking of my brother as he copes with this news. He spent yesterday in his room alone, and crying after hearing the news of his idol passing on into the afterlife. Does Allah even have an afterlife? Anyway, Robert is taking it pretty hard knowing that he no longer has a sleepover buddy. And its not like they sleep together, "he is on one side and Michael is on the other side of the bed." What's so wrong with that?


hawleykj said...

when i was a server, not only did i not get trained, but i never got to try the food for free. since i was a poor college kid living at home for the summer, you know i opted for free home food. the worst was when people asked me what my favorite thing on the menu was. since "oh, i don't eat the food here" didn't sound so good, i had to flat out lie. i just picked what i thought sounded good. it was horrible! good luck with your exams :)

Adrienne said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love your last paragraph. Robert is taking it hard we did Michael Jackson music at the after camp party for him last night... he was laughing so lets hope the tears are over and he can think about the good times lol