Tuesday, June 9, 2009

two top tens

Okay...so there are some things that I have experienced in the past few weeks of being in North Carolina that seem essential to me learning how to fit in down here.

1. The city center of Charlotte is not referred to as the "downtown" area, but rather, the "Uptown" area...capital U.
2. Southern people don't enunciate. My friend Andrew who I know from summers at Kiawah is from Statesville, NC...about an hour north of Charlotte. He told me that NASCAR fans don't particularly like Dale Earnhart, Jr. for one reason...he enunciates. Props to you Mr. Earnhart. You just won my non-southern heart.
3. NASCAR is big. REAL big here.
4. wassup is one word not two.
5. My new BFF Julia prefers that you slur her name to where it sounds something like Jewya.
6. Being a Christian is part of the culture, not necessarily something you choose.
7. Churches are about as abundant as gas stations.
8. Chicken for breakfast is a staple (i.e Bojangles).
9. Everyone really is friendlier in the South.
10. Some of the most generous people I know have treated me since being here. It's crazy how big their hearts are!

Things I miss about living with Molly O:
1. Always being called Jackleen.
2. Random outburts of singing about life's daily activities. (It is a known fact that Molly sings about using the toilet, cooking pizzas, walking down the stairs, and sitting on the couch.)
3. Laughing so hard that I almost cry when Molly does impressions of other people.
4. Random crying outburts followed by either: I am going to miss you so much. I can't believe we are moving...OR...I just love Logan so much, do you think we will be okay when I move for the summer?
5. Sitting on her bed ready to go out for the night, while I watch Molly spend another hour doing her makeup and hair.
6. Having Molly ask my opinion on an outfit and then seeing her end up in the opposite of what I suggested.
7. Always having a constantly growing pile of clothes for Goodwill.
8. Eating out as a simple excuse to just do something with the two of us.
9. Watching movies alone because Molly always fall asleep.
10. Hashing out life's joys and hardships on my blue futon.

How I love good 'ol Molly O!

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Kellie said...

I'm not a NASCAR fan......it makes me cringe, really..... I will be in Denmark until the end of your YL camp.......then maybe I can make the trek to CLT to see your face.......I'll be looking forward to it......In the mean time, enjoy a chicken biscuit and some SWEET tea! :) LOVE