Thursday, June 11, 2009

I showed up.

Tonight my co-leader Nate asked me how I am doing in my time with the Lord since moving to Charlotte. I immediately answered, "amazing...probably the best time I have ever had with the Lord in my 6 years of really being a follower of Christ." Really, this is probably honestly the only time I could have ever given an answer like that and truly meant it. It's not that God has spoken to me more all of a sudden since being down here, or that I get to spend lots of time outside in His creation, but rather...I have showed up. I have been listening and being obedient when He has called me to spend time in prayer or His word.

It blows my mind that He never leaves us. Really..all this time that I couldn't honestly say that I was having "mind-blowing" (for lack of a better adjective) time with the Lord...I was giving it up willingly by not giving in to His will for me. This summer is such a gift. It was slow coming for me to get a job...(I have a waitressing job now as of next week when we get back from Saranac) well as slow going making friends (which if you know me is painstakingly hard). But I know that He is here with me in Charlotte, and I know that he is giving me copious amounts of time with Him where I am so encouraged and reassured about the future. And I have no idea what it will shape up to be. So...I'm okay with that.

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