Monday, February 16, 2009

And everyone says women are indecisive... is the thing about guys. They love to talk talk talk it up about how women can never make a decision, or how it takes women too long to make up their mind.

First off: We have a lot more going on up there at the same time than you. (ask me about it...its scientific)
Second off: I have come to find out that this is not just characteristic of women.

Fess up guys because I got proof. When my PT friend called yesterday to finalize our plans for this afternoon, I was maybe unfairly? expecting him to have made some decisions. Now...before telling this story. I APPRECIATE a guys concern and acknowledgment of a woman's ideas and preferences. I APPRECIATE it when a guy courageously asks me out AND picks up the tab. That being said...don't take me too seriously.

So I got the phone call yesterday asking em if I was still interested. What the hay, right? So he asks me lunch or coffee? I had been leaning toward coffee, but I am trying this new thing called "letting the guy make some decisions." So I told him I was flexible and we could work around what time we wanted to go. He tells me that he could do either...again I say...I am flexible. Finally we decide...collectively...on lunch. Then ensues the painfully awkward choice as to where. Now...I know that said male doesn't know me so has to really take a shot in the dark with what I might like. So, he asks where I would like to go, and I tell him again, I am flexible. Remember: I am trying to run with this whole letting him make the decisions thingy. So he suggest we just decide tomorrow. My mind says (even though I am doing the whole let him decide thing): Why wait? Let's get this second BIG decision under our belts so we can move forward. So I SUGGEST (so as to make him think it is his idea) that he just decide tonight. He serves out three options. I return the serve with two...including one of his. He then tells me that it is too hard to choose between those two. Hmmmh...For pete's sake. I put on the pressure and he decides. But it took climbing mountains to get there. Haha

Part of what I love about meeting new people and going out with them on "dates" (loose term) is that you really gotta feel each other out. A big part of this for me is their sense of humor. I am pretty sarcastic by nature and found out early on in this current "interaction" that I should let someone realize that slowly rather than all at once, so as not to crash and burn with humor. I PLANNED (yah, i know, embarrassing) a joke to use for the initial call back from said man. Unbeknownst to was a joke...and it bombed. Had me laughing, but I had to explain the joke...and that is the worst.

Moral of the Story: Ease into the humor.

If you were wondering...we had a good time.


The Lombardi Family said...

did he pick up the bill?

Adrienne said...

love it!!!!

Grandpa said...

Oh, come on Jaclyn. Don't make it so hard. Say what you want. Go where you want and when you want. Tell him and quit the hemming and hawing!

Pierce said...

i agree with Grandpa