Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My life could never be a reality show.

I have not had any good stories lately and today is no different. Not much of anything new is going on with me right now besides not working because of massive amounts of snow so far this semester. Xavier was not canceled today, but CPS was, so I did not work AGAIN. A tad bit frustrating, but only a tad. Mom was off today and texted me saying that she was going to move to a county where they actually go to school. I texted Robert at 11 asking what he was doing on his school day. The one word response of "sleeping" lead me to believe he had not gotten out of bed yet. Unlike Mom he has no qualms about having snow days.

There are so many movies out right now that I am DYING to see. Frost Nixon being at the top of that list, along with Milk and Doubt. But, Molly and I are going to see Anne Hathaway's new movie, Rachel Getting Married. Her choice, but I always welcome a good chick flick. Plus our mutual friend Nick is giving us free tickets because his parents are part owners of the theater. That means I will feel less guilty buying popcorn or candy...mmmhh :)

One thing that is pretty new is my love for working out. Okay..."LOVE" is an overstatement of epic proportions, but I am reminded how good it feels after sweating for an hour. Being immobile and just uncomfortable with an injury for so long has brought me full circle to being able to enjoy working out again. I had therapy today and she has increased me to being able to actually run in two minute intervals on the treadmill at a low speed. I have just been doing the stationary bike and elliptical until now, so was excited about this. I can't wait for warmer weather and a chance to run outside. Maybe a marathon is on the FAR FAR horizon after all. Right, Betsy?

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Grandpa said...

What speed do you set on the treadmill? I can only do 5 minutes at 2.2. Love you.