Friday, February 13, 2009

The rumors are true...

Well...for those of you (cough) CHAD (cough) who think that my whole little teaser was just a ruse. There is in fact a story that goes along with the tease, although it may not be exciting enough to have warranted a whole day blog teaser. Plus I realized quite a few things about myself in the midst of this interaction.

For three weeks now I have been at PT on Wednesday mornings and for three weeks the same guy has also been there getting work on his shoulder. We didn't really acknowledge each other the first week, and the second week he engaged me in a little conversation about one of my favorite things: outdoor recreation and specifically my trip out west. He had many many questions and I have learned recently that I am good at answering questions, but not so good at asking them back to keep the conversation rolling. Kind of like having to stop at a stop sign and pause for three seconds each time you drive one block. drive...PAUSE drive...PAUSE. Before I left I realized he was somehow affiliated with the Xavier swim team and I happened ot pass him on my way out of the gym later that afternoon.

This past Wednesday he was clockwork. Funny how boys can sometimes be so I had chosen to cancel my Monday appointment because my therapist said I only needed one more...coincidence? lol. Anyway, he (Shane I will later come to find out) was working on some excercises and got my attention by making some subtle jokes. Once I sat down to have my scar massaged, Dawn, my therapist, asked if I had a boyfriend. This question was whispered and so I whispered back, "no." I feel like I have been asked this question at least 40 times this year by older women in my life trying to play matchmaker. She then informed me that I had a secret admirer. Hey Dawn, turns out...the cat is out of the bag, and now you have made it possible for me to subject myself to overthinking and embarrassment for the next 45 minutes of sitting in the same room as said admirer.

Shane engages me in conversation, mostly about my surgery and injury at this point, and I humor him although I am clearly feeling more awkward inside than I have up to this point. Each week I have been at PT he has always had to take off his shirt to get his shoulder wrapped. Before, I did not think twice about this nor did I pay attention (yah, I know you think im lying, but shut it). This week when Jason, his therapist, informs him hes gotta take his shirt off, I find ANYTHING else that I can avert my eyes to. I might have memorized most of the license plates in the parking lot for looking out the window as long as I did. Eventually Dawn finished my massage and ANNOUNCED that it was my last day and that I needed to fill out some closing paperwork. At this point, I was feeling like she was trying to sabotage me pretty bad.

So I get my things together and begin to walk out. Shane, still shirtless, sticks out his left hand to introduce himself and I return the gesture. As I am leaving I hear a quick and nervous, "wait!" from Shane and I turn around, only to be facing him...still shirtless...and hear him ask if I want to go out for coffee sometime. MIND YOU there are about 7 strangers in this room privy to our entire interaction. My face gets REALLY hot and totally RED and I am so flustered that after saying yes I about run out of the room faster than I have been able to since high school. He stops me, stuttering feverishly, informing me that he needs my number. After dropping all of my things on the floor in search of a pen, Dawn hands me a post-it and I do the deed and bounce out of there pronto. Clearly embarrassed.

It is situations like these that make me just laugh at Valentines Day and get excited to be out of college. I feel like such a grown up when people try to fix me up, or when men ask me on dates. I think it is totally funny and even so I am almost always clearly embarrassed. That is one feeling I can't hide. One of my favorite things to do is get to know new people, whether it is over coffee once or turns into a lifelong friendship.I have only had a "Valentine" once, my freshmen year of high school, and it ended up being more stressful than enjoyable. My thoughts on Valentine's Day have pretty much remained the same over the years. I don't have any qualms about being single, in fact, I think I am really content being single. Valentine's is sort of like New Years...Big woop. I ask you, necessary celebration? for those of you who enjoy it...I love you. more power to ya :)

So...Chad...and Mom...Don't hate on my feeble attempts to entice and entertain my 11 faithful readers. If you know me, you know that I am honestly and openly good at drawing attention to my blog and facebook profile. For example, changing my facebook relationship status to "in a relationship" just to see the reactions. Mom you know I was Born to Entertain in some way shape or form. I. Got. Jokes. And you love me for it. Come on, in the spirit of Valentines?


Kathy said...

I love you ALL the time. the spirit of anything!

The Lombardi Family said...

Cute story...let us know how it goes!!! :)

Pierce said...

comment left.

blog followed.

what more do you want?

Grandpa said...

......and the rest of the still to come?

Grandpa said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Jaclyn. I love you...and miss you.