Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today I...

1. Remembered two random things about myself that I forgot to mention:
I LOVE elephants and they are all over my room. They are a symbol of strength and intelligence. clearly appropriate...AND You might call me a voyeur for how much I love Reality TV.

2. Drove to class. Got my car STUCK on a snow embankment because i was greedily seeking a BAD parking spot close to class.

3. Paid for greediness by not being able to get my car out, so had a coworker pick me up for work...yay Carol!

4. Talked to a few really good friends and decided I might hit up Morgantown this weekend.

5. Realized how much I miss my family. My stinkin' brother is so cute and I miss him too much. I can't stand not being a prat of his everyday life. I hate not being an immediate friend for my mom when stuff is bothering her. All hard stuff that is part of growing up.

Okay...fairly boring post, but better than nothing?