Monday, February 2, 2009

This monitor must be HD

Just got done with American Sign Language class and I had to print some things so I am blogging from the SNAZZY computers in the Alter Hall computer lab. These babies are like 20 inch screens. They are those desktop Mac's that don't require you to have a tower. Everything is housed in the monitor. I think I would like this computer when I have a lot of money. Wait...that will probably never. Add it to the list of things I will do when I have an excess of funds for miscellaneous luxuries...including lasik surgery so that I can look at a computer for longer than 15 minutes without needing Ben Stein to fix me up.

It's official. As much as I hate to admit that I have fall privy to some cult following, I am currently joining the masses in whatever sort of sickness is going around. I hate admitting I am sick because it just means I gotta admit that I need to slow down a bit, but usually that ends up being good for me.

We have YL Campaigners tonight and I am pretty psyched for what we have to offer to our Mariemont students. Fortunately the Bible is not an age old waste of a book that does not bear any relevance in our daily lives today. It is a living and breathing document so we can even look at the bible in terms of our dating lives, relationships, male female interaction, and body image. We, as a team, are excited to get into real life stuff that high schoolers deal with on a DAILY basis. It is crazy what is deemed "acceptable" now-a-days (I sound like a grandparent :) ), even different from when I was in High School just four years ago. Plus we get to split into same sex groups tonight. Just me and the girls! So, I am excited to start off talking about male and female brains (because we really are wired differently), and then get into body image and the ways taht we use and treat our bodies. I think that is part of a larger issue dealing with our hearts and our desire as women to control. So, we will talk some about the courage to surrender our baggage like Daniel in the lions den (Daniel 6).

I want to follow God even if it mean's walking into the lion's den. God doesn't put us in the lion's den without having a purpose. When I finally surrender all my stinkin' rubbish I will never question God's guarantees: I will never leave you. I will always live in you.

And that's how Daniel made it out alive. God sent angels to close those mouths.

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carolinefontenot said...

You know that the link you have of my blog is just of my most recent post? Just sayin'.

PS I read Twilight...and tried not to tell people. But I want to read the 2nd one?