Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My how time flies. I am sitting in the library, having just bought Reds Spring Training Tickets for when Allison and I are in Florida for Spring Break the first week of March. We are going to see the Yankees play the Reds one Sunday afternoon. Fun time to be had by all.

I don't have a ton of time this morning because I have to get a shower before work, but I have neglected the blog for 5 days. I was in Morgantown and Charleston this past week seeing fam and friends, so I was busy. Low key weekend, but such great fellowship.

Since getting Sirius radio for Christmas, I have been feeling out my top 10 preset stations. This weekend during my total of 12 hours of driving, I began to switch them around some. After getting myself all jittery from drinking a Monster energy drink and eating an energy Powerbar, I listened to the news much of the way home from Charleston to Cincinnati. I settled and decided that CNN Hdln is my favorite news station. Yet...for the second day in a row, the top news stories are STILL as follows:

1. Why wasn't Chris Brown at the Grammy's? Because he was indicted on charges of domestic violence involving an unidentified female. Why wasn't Rhianna, his superstar girlfriend, at the Grammy's? Speculation is that she was the unidentified female.
2. A-Roid. He was young and naive people. Give him a break. Commentators say he needs to do an anti-drug campaign to clear everything up.
3. Obama's stimulus package. After listening to 3 hours of news I still dont understand this. Surprisingly Howard Stern's explanation didn't even make sense to me. Just sounds like a lot of money. Will any of it see my pockets? :) (This is not an invitation for a political discussion. I am neither for nor against this whole "package," nor do I implore you to give me your opinion. My blog is not and will never be a forum for politics.)

Anyway. Valentines weekend coming up. Valentines is a lot like New Year's for me. Lots of hype....and not much pizzazz when it comes down to it. And don't get the wrong idea. Single or not my feelings are the same.

My beef with Ohio: Fog, clouds and haze. It is warm here but you never see the sun. Clearly an issue. Soon enough though :)

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