Monday, January 26, 2009


I had an AWESOME weekend, but I think it will take me a little bit longer to process all of it so that it is ready for cyberspace. It was Young Life leader weekend for the Buckeye Region at Great Wolf Lodge. Someone on the East Side mentioned the number 700 when talking about people in attendance. I don't believe it...but really? WOW. We pray and worry so much about the harvest being plentiful and the workers being few (there is always a need for more workers in high school harvests), but WHAT A TESTAMENT to God's glory. Last thing Jesus says to his disciples after returning to earth resurrected is this: "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Man...the ends of the earth. It is crazy to think what God could do with 700 willing disciples. And that is just the Buckeye Region. It was a bittersweet weekend because it might be the last time that I see all those great people, worshipping for the same purpose, understanding the same mission. They are people that I love and it just reminds me of the many lasts that are to come as the semester dwindles on. My senior year roomies (Sam and MAddie) at Culver would slap me for saying bittersweet, but, dare I?

On a completely different note, today was a BIG day for me. I cooked today. for a good 2 hours. Anytime I cook, it is: A) a potential miracle, B) a potential disaster, C) a potential meltdown, or D) all of the above - a disaster that causes a meltdown (either emotional or physical) in which a miracle must occur to save my mental state or my kitchen from going down in flames.

Today was a miracle, for the most part. Mom mentioned yesterday that she was making quiche and I am on a new health kick as I get back into shape because I can now involve myself in some physical action as my ankle begins to heal. So I though, why not make some healthy quiche, as well as homemade chicken salad and homemade tuna salad. I ventured to the grocery after phys. therapy and the gym only to be stopped by the local newswoman wanting to interview me about stocking up on groceries for the impending "white death." I laughed as if she was kidding, until I realized she wasn't, at which point she realized that a college student with peppers, spinach and too many eggs is probably not worried about the snow, but rather, PSYCHED.

Anyway, while cooking, I was able to multitask three different projects at the same time that included tons of chopped vegetables and meat and making something I had never made before. The chicken salad had a bit too much dillweed, the tuna salad, but the quiche was SUPERB. I did a little flubbing with mom's recipe and subbed monterey jack cheese for swiss because it was cheaper, and I added some green peppers instead of mushrooms because fungi is sick. Needless to say, I got great feedback from Molly, the roomie, who swears by totinos pizzas and late night mcdonalds. I am getting more excited about having my own place with a CLEAN kitchen that has ample counter space (I had to take the microwave off the counter and put it on the floor so that I could chop and prep) and a dishwasher. I hate cooking because I hate washing dishes. Lean Cuisines come in plastic, totally disposable.

If you are in the neighborhood, and hungry, come by because I have stocked up for the white death folks.

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