Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ticka Ticka TWO snow days in a row. This means:
A) I have not moved my car in about 36 hours
B) For the second day in a row I have NOTHING to do for the WHOLE day.
C) I am making no money today because work (CPS) is closed too.
D) I have to hike like Sir Francis Bacon to get anywhere.
E) I was woken up by the sound of rust shovel scraping on asphalt because for some reason my landlord who lives below me HAD to get out. This made his dongs even more maniacal and in turn made me get less sleep.
F) I am rejoicing in the rest and relaxation that the Lord is providing:)

I think I am going to go babysitting with Allison today, seeing as how they are going sledding and it's been like 4 years since I did that.

My evil landlord scraping FEVERISHLY.

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