Thursday, January 29, 2009

picture malfunction

Yesterday ended up being an action packed snow day. To begin, Allison and I set out in her CR-V to make the trek to the house where she babysits. They have three girls under the age of 6 and again I was reminded why I definitely want girls, rather than just boys. We did beading and string for about an hour, then ventured out in the snow. Building an "EGG-loo" as Katharine called it, was our big project. Allison and I dug out three tunnels for the kids to navigate through and ended up fitting ourselves.

I was exhausted when we got home, but headed to the gym and tackled the elliptical for the first time since surgery. This felt awesome and I hit the stationary bike as well before doing my PT exercises since PT was canceled yesterday because of the ice. I got to go to the Xavier v. UNC Charlotte game last night with Kelsey, one of my Mariemont HS friends, and then hung with Allison and her dad afterwards. There are many funny stories from yesterday, but I want to eat a piece of my quiche and take a nap before babysitting.

I will share pics once I figure out why it isn't working


Kathy said...

we're still eating quiche too

craigpetro said...

sup weezlestain. i heard you had a sick blogg so i had to check it out... the music sucks my crapsack but I thought it was very well done.... download this song: the dream- let me see the booty........ and heres legs....


Hello Jaklyn.

and heres little b.a. squibblearms

sup forgettabooty...we just saw you at mc.d's gettin 5 double cheeeezes and 6 mcchickens, just some grismal old lady that reminded me of you ha...heard you scion is a beast face in the snowskis...signing off b squeeeezy.

p.s. remember when you and b.a. tonguewrestled at the black/white dance...that was sick nasty - creeg