Sunday, January 11, 2009

Music at a small price

Just a few things...

In case you haven't noticed, I have some new tunes playing on the side of my page. This is one of my favorite parts of blogging, being able to change up the music to fit my mood. And I like to think that you will enjoy the variety as well. I have a new passion for the Jonas Brothers and bluegrass.

Speaking of music, yesterday was a pretty hilarious day. I got Sirius satellite radio for my car as a Christmas present from my grandaddy. I went back and forth between having dad install it or going to Circuit City for a while. I was telling Laura about it one day and she mentioned that Ben, her husband, did his own more than 2 times and then helped a few friends install theirs as well. So, we made a deal: I did some babysitting one morning so that she could work in exchange for Ben's installation services. He came over Saturday afternoon and spent about 3 hours in my car in our garage. I had no idea how passionate he was about this process.

Ben does everything 100%. Whether it is a SIIIICK YoungLife club or a Sirius radio installation, he wants to do the best he can do. So, he was determined to make sure the smallest amount of antenna was visible after installation. He and my dad worked their butts off brainstorming and positioning wires inside and outside my car so that it would be all internal. This required the removal of several plastic trim pieces as well as the careful dissection of my dashboard. Determined to find a way to feed wires behind my glove box and through the back of my stereo, he and my dad found out how to remove my whole middle dashboard on the internet. I came down mid-dissection only to find everything in pieces. If I trust anyone to do that in my car it is those two.

In the end my car is all in one pice and you can only see about 2 inches of antenna externally. No small feat if you consider the process to get there. I missed having Laura and the kids come over, but it was funny to see Ben and my dad work so diligently. Entertainment enough. I LOOOVE listening to music in my car now. I cannot wait until the 4 hour drive to Charlotte just to experience it all, though I have way more sports channels than I would ever need. It is a gadget that I am going to enjoy playing around with. But not while I am driving. Since most of you know I can't afford any more driving violations. Plus I realized I might have to unwillingly start carrying a purse with me, in order to insure that the new gadgets in my car (Sirius radio, GPS, and ipod) don't get stolen. Can't leave all that stuff in there back in Cincinnati. That's askin' for it.

Interview tomorrow that I am pretty excited about. It'll be a long one, but necessary. I am interested to see if I feel like it is a good fit for me. I will keep you updated.

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Grandpa said...

I have always loved the music you select for us bloggers to listen to while reading your VERY interesting postings. Love you. Let's hear from you after the interview and after the removal of the ????? on your foot!