Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Things

So...I filled out this thing for facebook and I figured I'd publish it here for those of you who don't have facebook. Enjoyyy.

25 Random Things:
1. I hate hooded sweatshirts. They look so weird on me.
2. When I was little I would stiff arm my brothers and sisters to be center stage in home videos.
3. I only have two good girl friends at college. The rest are my amazing high school girl friends.
4. I love using the word "bittersweet" to describe semi-emotional times in my life.
5. I went to boarding school my senior year of high school and lived with Spammy, madbah, and chocolie.
5 1/2. Some of my best friends go to WVU.
6. I want to work in the non profit sector somewhere in north or south carolina.
7. I love to listen to other people with good voices sing without music.
8. I want my first dance at my wedding to be Dave Barnes "Nothing Fancy," and I already have a word document with my future children's potential names.
9. I am the only person in my family who does not have a frequently used nickname.
10. I care way too much about doing things that will make my parents proud.
11. I love not having a boyfriend because I like having close guy friends.
12. My longest relationship was 3 months?
13. I LOVE any situation that will give me a chance to meet new people.
14. I get to take high school students to my favorite place in the whole world this summer. Saranac.
14 1/2. I think that my wedding party will be 85% family and 15% friends. Yay for sisters and great cousins.
15. I LOVE to blog.
16. I get nervous around any person who has any sort of star cred.
17. My brother is one of my most favorite people. I wish he liked me more.
18. I have horrible self control when it comes to eating.
19. I always prefer a low key night to anything outrageous.
20. I am really bossy and don't take compliments well, and love it when people are truly honest and vulnerable.
21. I am not emotional when it comes to real life, but cry at almost every movie...including Spy Kids 3-D
21 1/2. I love friendship bracelets.
22. I hate grocery shopping, especially because my roomate won't eat most things that I make. She prefers Totino's pizzas.
23. My friends Allison and Charles make me laugh more than anyone I know.
24. I love a GOOd Sunday small group.
25. When I do cry it is usually because I miss my family.


Grandpa said...


Chad said...

I'd like to point out that 21 and 21 1/2 have nothing to do with each other, and therefore are not an allowed cheat in this list.

Hah. Also, I'm never going to do this list no matter how many people tag me in theirs.

Yours is fun though, and interesting that most of them didn't seem new to me.