Sunday, January 4, 2009

Apologies necessary

You know taht old saying, "No apologies necessary?" Well, it doesn't apply here. I am falling over myself, specifically to my Grandpa, to apologize for my blog negligence. I have finally had some stuff going on in the past week, and even though I have a new cast on I have some of my freedom back. I can drive.

This week will be busy because I have to work on my curriculum to present it at my interview. Dad and I leave on Sunday for Charlotte and will stay the night. The interview is on Monday, Jan 12 from 2-5 and then probably back home that same day. Cast off on Tuesday the 13th. I am also pretty excited to hang out at mom's school this week, helping with the after school program. I am getting more and more nervous as this interview approaches, because I am realizing how much I would love a job like this. I am truly passionate about seeing young people succeed, but even more so of their own volition. After school programs have enough freedom to be able to do this, while helping students explore on their own.

So, tired for today. Will hopefully have something juicy tomorrow.

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Grandpa said...

Tell us more about the interview. What? Why? How?