Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dodging the Holy Water Shower

I follow this blog called Stuff Christians Like. John, the guy who writes it, is getting a book published by Zondervan and is pretty funny. His sarcasm and humor really ease the truth of a lot of things that we Christians really do like. Anyway, I went to Catholic mass this morning for Easter. It has been a reeeeeeaally long time since I went to mass at home. I can't even remember when it was. I typically fight and argue about where we go to church as a family (because I am loud and opinionated...and obnoxious), but I went to River Ridge for Good Friday and I didn't really make a stink about it until afterwards. (I won't let this post be about my beef with mass...won't).

Anyway. to connect all of this. Stuff Catholics Like. My brother, sisters and I, for as long as I can remember, do anything possible to get each other in trouble or create funny distractions during mass. This morning was one of those rare moments when we did not have to create a distraction, but the priest did it for us. Catholics do this thing a few times a year, I am not sure of all of the occasions, where they "re-baptize" the church with the holy water from the baptismal fount. There are variations of this action, using different weapons to disperse the water, but this morning went as follows.

The deacon had a little silver bowl with holy water in it, and a little green branch for scattering, Now I refer to this branch as a weapon because, really, it is. He proceeded to make his way around the congregation and shake the wet branch onto the parishoners. Now, the best part of this whole scene is watching other people's reactions. The funniest of these reactions is those people who are trying to be serious throughout the whole thing. They are usually closest to the weapon and get the most soaked. They end up with water on their glasses, hair and all over their clothes and are trying way to hard to keep a straight face. Our family on the other hand doesn't even attempt to take this seriously.

Today, my mom was on the end of the aisle and got the dousing. I had the great opportunity to dodge the water shower by crouching behind Becca. I got my few drops and avoided a see through white shirt, and wet hair sticking to my forehead. All in the name of good church humor.

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