Saturday, April 25, 2009


FYI...this is my 101st post.

I have been a slacker lately on posting. There hasn't been a whole lot of new things going on in my life, but somethings of note:

God has been affirming over and over again that I am being obedient in making the move to North Carolina. Since I made the decision, I have had emails and calls from people involved in Young Life ministry down there. It has been very encouraging and made me so excited to continue on this journey with the Lord.

Spring has sprung in Cincinnati. I think I had a post a while back with the title "Spring has sprung," but I was mistaken. is for real. I woke up this morning to lawnmowers, college kids yelling, co-eds giggling, and birds going nuts. I slept with all three windows in my room open because I am trying to conserve our electricity usage. I woke up this mornign and thought I was in Kiawah. Growing up we used to always sleep with the windows open and fan on in the beach house. The light usually woke us up at some God-awful hour of the morning, but we were forgiving because it was the beach.

Lastly. I have two weeks left of undergrad. College is almost over. Finito. I get the point already. How do I feel? Pretty great. I will miss a select few people here who have come to be some of the best friends, but I don't know that Cincinnati was ever in the plan to be my home. My roomate Molly is moving down to Charleston, SC for the summer so we will not be rid of each other yet...thank the Lord. I can't even begin to imagine how weird it will be to live without her after living together for three years.

P.s. I think I may have a grass allergy. I have been outside these past two days playing with three year olds and getting a tan and have not stopped itching my legs since...any insight?


Grandpa said...
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Grandpa said...

I removed the post because of a misspelled word. Sorry. Here is the post. "Sounds to me as if you might have what is called "Itchy Legs". Nothing to worry about. Love you lots, Jaclyn."