Monday, April 20, 2009

So Much Love in One Place Has to Be a Crime

This weekend was my Godmother's surprise 50th birthday party. Boy was she surprised! (lol) I cannot explain to anyone else what it feels like to be a part of such a loving family. My mom is one of ten and there are more than enough cousins to go around. So, these pictures will speak louder than my words...for once.Cousins: Michelle, Jessica, Becca and Danielle.
Jess, Me, Melissa, Danielle, Mary Frances
TAG IT. Jess, Danielle and Uncle Davey
It was a wonder I could even get into this kitchen.
Rachel Ray
gossip Girls.
I am an angel.
As per usual, I bring the entertainment.
Love of my life, Jessica.
Mary Frances' attempt at being totally awkward.
Sunning herself while we wait for the surprise.
Scroll down to this blog in December and you will see an identical photo.
This is dWan. She has her own salon. Called dWan's Salon. She was in charge of upper body spray tans for the weekend. $5 a pop.
My beautiful sister and beautiful cousin, Isabel. She is really smart and has her own blog here.
This is me telling Isabel the sad story of the day that an evildoer (my sister Danielle) tore off the ear of my beloved Fat Dog.

Alyson, Isabel, Jessica and Rebecca relaxing in Jessica's new "grown-up" room.

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david said...

Wonderful pictures, Jaclyn. Glad you were here. And now we all miss you. Love you.