Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stealing post ideas is a forte of mine.

Adrienne, I am close to making 100 posts as well. Who would've thought? (though realistically, if you know me, you know that I always have something to say. So maybe this is not so much of a surprise?)

Anyway. today I will be stealing one of the most hilarious ideas in the blog world. My friend Pierce, a victory-lapper at OSU, has a blog and a great sense of humor. He and a friend have come up with a really great way to bide time on the interweb that doesn't consist of online shopping (my typical and dangerous choise of interweb time biding).

This my friends is the coveted Top 10 Facebook Status's of the morning (would have been better to do this yesterday when Sean Miller accepted the Arizona coaching job, but nonetheless...). Now, if you don't have facebook, you may not be familiar with the absurdity and audacity of some, but it is healthy and thriving. That being said, in no particular order...

1. --there is snow on the ground, and I'm going for a swim. (Reeeeeally? but not really.)
2. --is getting sponsored by NIKE in August. (congrats, but really...is this something that you feel is meant to be shared with the entire interweb, or slowly leaked by you on purpose via real friends?)
3. --it's snowing and cold...i blame sean miller (spoke too soon, the Sean Miller drama is not over because apparently he is like one of those weather wizards in those old Christmas movies.)
4. --thinks Xavier should try to go after Rudy Tomjanovic. [Insert Kermit Washington joke] (This is probably funnier to boys who know about sports)
5. --Snow in April?? Whatever happened to the whole "Global Warming" issue? (are you asking for global warming?)
6. -- feels like he's in a foreign place when he wakes up at 7am. But it feels good. Spitting out some papers today before the big trip to Chi-town! You can find me at the Starbucks, it's going down! (I love that this person inserted a rap song into a starbucks reference)
7. --no wonder my allergies are so jacked up down here...30 degrees when I wake up and 75 degrees by noon. Stupid Texas. (couldn't help but think about being jacked up on mt. dew, but seeing as how it is snowing in OH - as referenced by pervious status udpates - id take 75 by noon any day)
8. --its balls cold outside. (I never got the whole "balls" reference as a point of comparison for most things).
9. --I am not used to working 13 hour days, I better be getting free Jelly out of this (this is not as funny to me because I know what this person's job is, but to everyone else, probably hilarious).
10. The following two posts are from the same person...only two hours apart.
--Why would you go to a team that has lost every best recruit to Europe or other schools and the team you have built will be one the best teams or the Best team in Xavier's history? Have fun trying to build up a program again...
--No one should hate Sean for going to a job that he will make double or more then now.. Who wouldn't want to make that much at one the most well know basketball programs in the nation...This was going to happen, and he didn't publicly say he was definitely staying...Thanks for the 5 years and good luck...

This is not even close ot Pierce's caliber...but fun to do

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Pierce said...

well done with the Rudy T/Kermit joke

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBNNAvyspGs&feature=related - number 6 on that list