Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny things

So I have been a little disheartened lately that I don't have all that much to share on here. I was explaining to Chad today that I do not feel disheartened about not having something interesting for the reader's sake, but for my own. As I expressed in my last entry, I love ot have these posts to look back at, even a few weeks down the road. So, I like to get as much down on the screen as I can.

Today was funny because I babysit on Thursdays. I have been babysitting for the same four kids for three years now. Boy 13, boy 11, girl 9, and boy 3 and a half. Let's be realistic here: when your three, the half matters.

Today Nolan, the youngest, got down from dinner because he had to go to the bathroom. He came back with his tshirt lifted up over his stomach proclaiming, "I need help." At which point I noticed that he didn't quite get his pants pulled up over his nether regions and his little tush was sticking out the back. At which point HE mooned me and giggled. I of course caught it on my camera phone for his parents. While Nolan played for a little in his room I got a chance ot sit down with the three big kids while they asked me about what I will do once I graduate. I get the feeling that they might be a little sad that I am leaving. Makes it even harder. It was so neat to sit down and have them ask such grown up questions. Weird too. I guess I really can't wait to be a mom. But really, I can.

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