Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Credit Card is back thanks to Allison - and I don't mean plastic.

Finally home! The drive was super easy today because I was fully stocked - stopped for some chicken nuggys at McDonalds, had a Monster Low-Carb energy drink, an ample supply of NPR podcasts and plenty of people to catch up with via cell phone. Luckily caught up with Chad for a while. Needless to say (after that list) the time flew and I did not get any speeding tickets. Going against the grain, eh?

I walk in and the first thing Robert says to me is, "Jaclyn, check my paper. Just rewrite it for me." Hello to you too brother. Becca and mom are doing Rebecca's homework - talking about rectal things and menopausal discharge. Dad half-asleep, though he and Robert helped me bring in my second load from my car. Home sweet home. Danielle is over at a friends. Some things never change. I think that's what I love the most.

Had a pretty hilarious night last night. Drove Allison, Mary Proffit, and Charles out to MLT's to have a drink at Trivia Night for Allison's 22nd. Needless to say Allison was entertaining and funny as always. The title of this blog says it all. She took it upon herself to bring back the Credit Card. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon that swept the country circa early 2000's - high school years - have been deprived. The "credit card" is the action of swiping someone's butt-crack (covered with pants) and proclaiming, "charge it." Not surprising, this action lost popularity, only to resurface via Allison Mercurio. She made it infamous last night. Charles and I had a great time observing as usual.

Looking forward to a week with some rest, but have much to do with senior thesis. Trying to milk the small amount of artistic ability in my bones in order to earn some extra points that I may lack in my argument. Also willing to spend the 8.95 on a trifold poster rathern than a typical posterboard beacuse Allison Russell made it clear that a regular posterboard was subpar, but acceptable for those in financial crisis. I am not above buying my grade in this class.

For tonight, adios. Time to be had with the Lord.

PS. Now is the time to jump on the Xavier Basketball bandwagon. Maybe I will go to games this year. Plus I actually watched them beat Memphis. Fair weather fan friends

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