Sunday, November 30, 2008

You know what I just realized, Mom commented on my blog that she "miss[ed] me" at 5:01 pm yesterday. I left at 4:50 pm yesterday. I already miss home and knowing what I have to come home to makes this project seem less and less stressful because it will not be remembered beyond my Senior Seminar class that only meets 4 more times over the next 3 weeks.

By the way, I promise John Allevato that he would get face time in my blog. I stopped by the Allevato's yesterday before heading back to Cincinnati to see John, Shawna, Kristin and Mark. Hadn't seen Kristin in forever since she is out in Colorado, but she is one of my closest friends because of growing close to each other in high school because of our faiths. The Allevatos are another family that are always gracious to all of us during the holidays when they offer up their homes to hang out. John is also one of my good friends from high school who is now on YoungLife staff. He and Shawna have been together for a LONG time so I have gotten to see John a lot through hanging with Shawna. Always a good time. Like i told Molly last night, "You can never trump high school friends."

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