Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have been realizing over the past few weeks how selfish I have been lately. I think that I have bought right in to the mentality that this is my senior year of college, I will never get this experience back, so I can roll through it at my pace, how I want and leave everyone else in my wake. Now, when I write it down it doesn't take more than once second to realize that those are ludicrous thoughts.

I have been pretty selfish with my time and with my friends because I realize that after this year I won't see some of them again. I realized after leaving GW to go to Culver and then leaving Culver to come to Xavier that I have a tendency to push people away right before I leave a place because in the end it makes it easier. Not healthy. I loathe separation anxiety. haha

So, herein lies the challenge. Fight the urge. Love people as much as I can until the last second. That includes you family. In a few months I will be even farther from most of you, so I gotta cherish this freedom now.


Grandpa said...

Love the music! Love you, Grandpa

mom said...

What a lovely visit with you on your did a good job and opening up more of your self to share, what a blessing. Love you, Nana