Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Mondays...

After looking at my calendar, I realize that I have only 3 more Mondays of my LAST Fall semester in undergrad. Now this is a pretty specific countdown seeing as how I still have a whole other semester of undergrad and I may be sucked in to grad. school right away. yikes.

Sitting here on a Monday morning after getting 9 hours of sleep because of my exhausting and VERY cold weekend, only to realize that it is raining. boo, right? The weather in Cincinnati is less than desirable and especially on cold rainy days like this. BUT never fear, because tomorrow I head home. It looks like I may be driving in some snow flurries, which will hopefully make the trip a little less boring, but also cause me to be more attentive on the road. I am dying to get home. I have a meeting with my teacher regarding my rough draft for my thesis project, work 2-6, a night class from 6-830 and then bible study with some high school girls. Tomorrow I will get up and pack and head to class from 1130-215 then over to work until 6 and then HOME! Can't wait to sleep in my own....WAIT! I DON'T HAVE A BED AT HOME.

Mom sent my bed up to Morgantown to be at the girls house and this break will be the first time that all four of us are home, meaning that I can't sleep in Becca's bed like I have been. So, I may be going home to sleep on the couch...or? How's that for the shaft, though I understand that I will be the one graduating and moving a little farther south of Charleston.

Really great devotional last night before bed with Oswald Chambers. He talks about the "distraction of contempt" saying that, "Our state of mind is powerful in its effects. It can be the enemy that penetrates right in to our soul and distracts our mind from God. There are certain attitudes we should never dare to indulge. If we do we will find they have distracted us from faith in God. Until we get back into a quiet mood before Him, our faith is of no value, and our confidence in the flesh and human ingenuity is what rules our lives." It is the CARES of THIS world that give us wrong attitudes. I can totally vouch for a bad attitude affecting my relationship with the Lord. It makes me slow to seek him and quick to treat others terribly.

"God never gives us discernment that we may criticize, but that we may intercede."

Beware of the "cares of this world..." (Mark 4:19).


Kathy said...

You now have a mattress on the floor!

Amy said...

Just like every YL camp you have ever attended as a leader!

Grandpa said...

I bet you'll love it at home. Wish you guys were all here for Thanksgiving. Love you all.