Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Girls Morning"

Before Mom went to bed last night she told Rebecca, Danielle and I that she wanted to go to the mall between 9-11 today. Naturally I am willing to wake up for this. Naturally Danielle was honest in saying she probably wouldn't get up. So, I woke up at 830 this morning to shower and get ready only to come downstairs at 915 to find Mom and Rebecca in the same place they were last night when I got home - on the couch, in pajamas, with computers and books in front of them. So, Mom is in the shower now, Becca is eating breakfast and I am going to straighten mom's hair upon her request...


Mom just yelled at Danielle to get up because we are having a "Girl's Morning."

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Grandpa said...

Hope you all are having a good Thanksgiving. We miss you all today. Love.