Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Turkey Turkey Time..

Late Turkey Day night. Planned to stay up to write a little of a paper, but that keeps on getting pushed back. Instead I have discovered the most wonderful capability of a Mac. My dad has one and I love playing with it when I am home. I constantly knock Mac computers because they are such a "fad" and everyone has them "because they are popular," but they may be on to something here. I have yet to try out this ichat business, but tonight I was busy posting videos on people's facebook walls. Many of you who read this probably received one. Many of these videos were bordering embarrassing, but this whole built in camera deal is seriously genius.

Maybe I will succumb to the pressures of society and buy a Mac. No time soon, but maybe someday.


carolinefontenot said...

The beauty of a Mac has nothing to do with the "fad." I agree that they are "cool" and people are buying them who have no idea the immense beauty behind the machine, they simply open Word and Safari and they're done. But oh there is so much more to discover!!

Do it Jac, make the switch! I'll never go back to PC EVER!

Chad said...

I love my Mac...and we all know I'm not one to be trendy. haha.

However, I also did not receive one of these fantastic video posts...