Friday, November 21, 2008


Made it one weekend closer to Thanksgiving break, and I cannot wait to get home. We have Young Life Fall Weekend starting tonight and I am anxious and excited. I always get a little anxiety about these things because numbers could be low, or we could be missing some kids who I have really been praying for, but I need to relax and remember that God has his own plan that doesn't always involve my pleadings and definitely doesn't involve numbers.

Had such a good time last night. John Michael Bonasso was in town visiting Zach, so I went over to their place here in Cinci and ended up driving them plus a few others downtown. What fun it is to people watch at bars. I love the conversations that start and the laughs that ensue. Last night this Asian guy approached me asking if I went to Dayton...went on to tell me that i looked just like someone he knew. This was 80% possibly a pick-up line, but I rolled with it because I am friendly and he looked harmless. He proceeded to tell me that I should "GO TO YUMA, ARIZONA. GO THERE AND STAY THERE AND LOVE IT." (I am writing in caps because this particular bar that we were at plays music way too loud) I am not sure where this odd man came from, but I was pretty ready to go after this point. Had a great time dancing though because John Michael is just a funny dancer.

I love seeing old friends like that. It just makes hard days here seem easier because there are always constants like that. I had a great Thursday night though. I am really realizing that I totally love this time in my life because I am really enjoying just friendships. I don't think I really have it in me right now to be in any sort of serious relationship, and I need to realize that that is okay. I love my friends, truly do, and I know that a relationship might throw a wrench in that.

SO excited to go home and do a family movie Wednesday night. Initiated by Dad I am sure because it is Transporter 3. But I am also glad he initiated it. It has been so cool over the past year how our family has changed and even though we are more spread out, we have totally gotten so much closer. Even Robert can stand to be around all of us. But I think as we girls get older, we grow more distant from some of our friends at home and this in turn brings us closer to family. I am so thankful for this.

Pray for our weekend. That high school students would be honest, willing and will dig....dig deep.

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