Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stolen freedom

Here is how I feel today: ripped off.

I have been awaiting this day for 2 weeks. It was supposed to be a special day. A day of release and second chances. A day of firsts and lasts. A day of FREEDOM. Today, I got my cast off.

But the hopes and dreams that this freedom created were crushed by one mocking smile from Dr. Legg. First thing when I went back to the room, a nurse came in and cut off my cast. This was an interesting experience seeing as a little saw that cut through hard plaster was mere millimeters from my skin. The nurse told me to tell her if I feel anything hot. Hm...would that be warm blood seeping from my skin? I got to see my incision which was a litttttttle bigger than I had expected. You know that knob on the outside of your ankle? Sliced over that thing. Luckily the stitches are underneath the skin and no leakage. lol. Minimal brusing left over.

So after my old, grungy, smelly cast was cut off the other nurse poked her head in to take a quick look at my incision. As she started to leave I hopefully and imploringly asked if I would need another hard cast. I noticed Dr. Legg peek in from the hallway and smile. A doubtful smile and hallway conversation crushed my dreams. I heard Dr. Legg ask the nurse the date of my surgery (Dec. 17), and then heard him laugh and tell her to take in the cast color options. Not one minute later I was faced with a fake femur covered in over 10 different cast colors, forced to seal (literally) my fate. I did not even notice most of the colors and settled on black. Mourning. Mourning the death of my potential freedom.

So, as much as I am overexaggerating and being overdramatic, I am still alive and walking, awkwardly. BUT THIS TIME there are perks. I have a reinforced heel so that I do not bust out my cast, a SEMI waterproof cast, and the best part is: a trendy, stylish, fashion forward plastic walking boot for my cast. So, still no driving...really? OOOHHHHH the joys.


Grandpa said...

Sorry to read all this. I am sure you were expecting much better news. No driving? What's that all about. Love and miss you, Grandpa

Grandpa said...

Saturday, 3 January. Here is how I feel today: ripped off! Because there have been no entries since !way long ago.