Friday, December 19, 2008

Always overestimating myself..

So...I pushed it a littttttle too far yesterday. Mom and I requested to borrow Laura and Stacey's kids yesterday so we spent the afternoon with Ben and Ted. I was all about keeping up with the boys yesterday, so I didn't have my foot up, and I was putting all kinds of pressure on my cast.

We played with puppets, cars and Rescue Heroes before sitting down for about 15 minutes to cut out and decorate cookies. I was able to see once again the short attention span of boys. This is so funny because it seems like they are having the GREATEST time doing something, but what a fleeting moment that is. We ate lunch together and then watched a little Barney while Kaitlyn and Shawna came over for a little while. Eventually Stacey and Laura showed up at the same time to pick up the boys and brought lots of othe kids along with them. This was great since I got to see Will and Riley, but also got to hold Sophie. Pretty baby Sophie.

As soon as everyone left Mom, Becca and I laid out on the couch, pooped from the afternoon. They watched Fred Claus while I slept through the entire movie. We had family dinner then I went out to shop with Mom, Robert and Becca. Again...spent an hour and a half up on crutches and came home and paid for it later that night. Laid down to watch Dark Night with the fam and in the worst pain I've been in so far. Lots of throbbing and pulsing, making me really uncomfortable. Stayed up until 1:30 AM just so I could take one moe medicine before going to sleep. Slept well and woke up feeling way better this morning.

BUT...I am done Christmas shopping fo real fo real. And I have learned from pushing myself a little too hard too soon. I just enjoy being pretty self sufficient. Minus getting dad to make me a grilled cheese today. :)

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