Thursday, December 4, 2008

On my way...

I feel like I am always on my way this time of year. Goes with the territory I guess? The territory of being in college, and having a job that does not earn me enough money to buy people the great things that I would like to. Consider this the whole..."It's the thought that counts" schpeal. ;)

But I am on my way sort of now. Waiting on Charles to pick me up. We are meeting some mutual friends downtown to see Brian Regan. He is a stand-up comedian who is also clean. Bonus deal there. Never actually been to something like this so I am excited. Could hake taken it or left it, but Charles' excitement is contagious. Not much progress on the thesis paper, though after seeing other people's presentations today I feel like we are all still swimming around in this pool that is full of expectations, ideas and the reality that we are just undergrads.

So...scattered tonight. More coherence to come.

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The Tuel's said...

we went to see him last year as ben's christmas gift. he was GREAT! what did you think?