Thursday, December 18, 2008


So here it is, Day 2 of being in a cast, and I already suck at walking on crutches. Last time I was on crutches was probably after fracturing my ankle at Kiawah the summer before my sophomoe year of high school. I didn't remember it being this hard/annoying, but going down stairs is brutal. This morning as I ventured out of my room downstairs for breakfast my left crutch slipped off the edge of the stais and I was about 1 inch from a return to the surgical hospital fo a broken neck. Like I said...brutal.

Minimal pain...really. I cannot believe how little pain I have felt so far. Once the Lortab kicks in I am good for four hours and then it is just minimal throbbing rather than any sharp pains. How lucky am I?...touch wood. I slept pretty well last night too after I figured out the best way to situate myself. So minimal pain, but you can expect a cutches horror story sometime within the next week I am sure. Plus I don't undestand having to ice when I'm wearing a hard cast?

Ted is coming over today, which I cannot wait for. It has been a LONG time since I have seen him, so mom and I called Laura to ask if we could borrow her kids for the aftenoon. She is taking Sophie to the doctor, so Ted is coming over to hang out. My mom totally misses having little kids around to play with, as evidenced when she made 3 year old friends at Kiawah this summer. We are willing to borrow othe people's kids anytime they will let us. So amny toys here too, left over from when we were younger.

P.s. Check out the music because I have incorporated some Christmas Spirit!

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