Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't be jealous...

It's Christmas shopping is basically done! Okay, so it's not so official if its only basically done, but its SEMI-official. I spent two hours this morning working on online shopping things and then headed out to buy a gift certificate at a restaurant, some games at Target, and some last minute things for some friends gifts. Had to have lots of things printed for gifts/my poster for my thesis presentation, so I spent some time at Kinko's and Kroger photo center too.

Needless to say, I have yet to start studying for my final on Tuesday and also have no actually started to fix the edits I have come up with for my final thesis, paper-version. I have also trekked up and down the three flights of stairs required to do my laundry more than enough times. I had about a month's worth to do. I am working on getting everything all done and closed up/figured out before I leave on Tuesday for home for a month. Home Tuesday night and surgery on Wednesday...seem crazy....definitely.

Molly and a few of her good girl friends hosted a Christmas party at one of the girls' house this past weekend. Here are a few snapshots.
Molly and I looking snazzy. Not surprisingly, I was the only girl not wearing a dress.

Kali, Emily and ChrisDJ Molly and her new BOSS speakers.

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