Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today is the DAY!

Okay...I am ready to go. Woke up about 20 minutes ago to totally unanticipated snow. Molly says that it must have not been anticipated by anyone because, as is typically the case in Cincinnati, roads aren't even close to being clear. My first thought...This couldn't have waited until Tuesday when I am supposed to present my thesis to my senior seminar class? But, in that regard I am headed to the library very shortly to spend the afternoon there. I am gonna hang out and try to completely finish this thing today. Leave only the editing for a later date. I am the kind of person who dwells on my obligations. If I don't feel like I am giving ample time to something that deserves it, and that ample time is being wasted elsewhere...I feel guilty and anxious about it. So...I am tired of this ruining my ability to relax and have fun.

Coincidentally, the books that I have been waiting for to finish just arrived at the library and I can pick them up today. My head is already in May 2009. It is killing my drive and hopefully getting on this paper today will bring me back a little bit. Just keep reminding myself that I have one thesis paper, one thesis presentation, one Shakespeare paper and one Shakespeare left before I am officially one semester away from college graduation. I can already taste the sweetness. So, for all of you faithful blog readers who are sick of hearing me whine and complain about my thesis (be honest, I am sick of it too) - have no fear. I am praying for a miracle today...or just peace to calm me down and help me focus.

Can't wait to see/talk to you all on the other side of this:)

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