Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guest Blog Spot: Charles

This is a guest blog by Jaclyn’s bff Charles. I have thoroughly enjoyed being home for break, although the grass back at school is starting to look a little bit greener already. In an attempt to branch out and see friends from high school, I went down to my house in Norwood last night hoping to meet up with somebody (anybody) and go out, not really setting any formal plans. Sadly, everybody I called seemed to be either out of town or at home with family. What losers. A few potential leads fell through, either because they were out of my desired driving range or they ceased responding to my text messages. To add insult to injury (or vice versa) the big screen HD TV at our house was unplugged, as well as the cable. I tried hooking it all back up, but would have had better luck programming a launch sequence for NASA. Eventually I gave up and went to bed.

I am just not cut out to be a social butterfly. All of that talent went to my brother, a freshman in high school, who tonight headed out to a “party” at a girl’s house. It is entertaining for me to sit back and watch/participate in the preparation that goes into his social encounters. To start, a simple shower is not sufficient. After 40 minutes in the bathroom, his emergence is accompanied by the wafting aroma of AXE body spray. I felt compelled to alert our neighbors and surrounding counties that any exposed flame or source of fire might be fatal. Despite the conspicuous effort to attract female attention, his choice of dress consisted of a recently inherited St.X soccer t-shirt, circa 2003, and some basketball shorts. This ensemble prompted much commentary and criticism from the peanut gallery, enough to goad him into going back upstairs, throwing on an American Eagle fleece (also inherited), and changing into cargo pants. It is sad that as much as I find this whole scene hilarious, I am secretly envious of his cornucopia of friends and activities during break. Already I know that while he will be off doing something fun on New Year’s, I will be sitting on my hands. Maybe it isn’t too late to get my $20 pre-sale ticket for cover at Lodge Bar, Black Finn, and Suite downtown… Bucky Bowl contest anybody?

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