Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guest Blog Spot: Allison

Wow this is an honor, I'd first like to thank Jaclyn for doing this blog thing. When I am winding down and going to bed.. this is my reading material since I have no night light to read a real book, my computer serves its purpose.

So I'd like to go ahead and give the Thomas family props on having an overachieving daughter. I mean it is huge when I do a paper the night before, instead of the day it is due. The day before would be cause for celebration and your daughter/sister/granddaughter/neice/cousin/friend whatever finished hers NINE days in advance... pure ridiculousness. But reason for celebration. And if Jaclyn has not informed you of our stories, you should know that I love to celebrate.

Jaclyn has been coming out with me very frequently as she has finally realized the people I socialize with (non-XU, no offense) are really entertaining and love to grab casual drinks any day of the week - Sunday-Sunday.. Not potentially bad habits, because we keep it under 2 beers... Jaclyn has spent her fair share of time at a bar called Hap's - small hole in the wall irish pub that one of my friends father owns... free/cheap alcohol & darts if you wish.. The downside to Hap's would be all the elderly, yes elderly, and older men/women that show up there. Last Saturday we had a run in with a man that referred to us as drunk, as he carressed my hair... not true as we were only 1 beer deep out of our one of the night - the epitome of Haps... We have also ventured to another small bar Tostados - where the videos and pictures on facebook reign from. Very entertaining place as well seeing as how I am now a Karaoke connisseur.

So with exams coming up and JT already done with her work.. I am struggling to get mine done as I just want to celebrate JT's success with her... I am a finance major and its not very enjoyable when I know the outcome of this major, in this economy = jobless. If anyone would like to hire me I have a great resume that I'd be happy to share with you.

Well I have to get back to studying for my Investments exam tomorrow... I will be sure to serve as a guest blogger again when there are better/more entertaining stories to tell.. this was more so my introduction. After the next hilarious night I will blog those stories since Jaclyn has not been.. As I'm sure all of you would love to hear about Jaclyns funny antics and conversations with people...

Well I've procrastinated enough. Good night! -Allison, JTs bestie

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