Sunday, December 7, 2008


es terminado!
il est fini!
Es ist beendet!

Oh just "It is finished!" in Spanish, French, German and Traditional Chinese. You no longer have to hear me whine about the thesis because I have reached the editing stages. All 14 pages are down on paper and now I just need to work on citations and editing stuff. I will meet with a graduate assistant on Friday to go over all this stuff.

If you are interested in reading it. Let me know, but I am sure you have better things to do. It's not exactly light reading.

Thanks mom and dad for reading it! :)

Allison and Ashley singing Benny and the Jets at Karaoke on Thursday.
Jon and Allison. Best friends 4E4E4E.
Oh hey girl. paparazzi.

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Chad said...

don't you go thinking that your "mastery" of posting pictures and typing in other languages will make me look bad.

and shame on you for even trying...that's just not polite. ;-)