Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's your pain on a scale of 1 to 10?

So, here I sit in the living room with my right leg propped and iced. Full white cast up to my knee. Deemed a little "loopy" by my mom and dad from the Lortab pain medicine. What an eventful few days it has been.

On Tuesday of this week I turned in the final product, all 14 pages, of my senior thesis - tri-fold board included. I spent two hours during my scheduled final for that class just walking around acting like I was reading my classmates posterboards, when in reality I was trying to hold in the SHEER ECSTASY of being done with that horrid class, and horrid teacher. So, it's over and I love it. Later that day I took my Shakespeare final and headed out of Cincinnati around 6 pm, arriving home last night at 930. Hung out, at my last meal at 10 PM...jalapeno poppers that dad prepared special for me!

Woke up this morning to take my last easy shower for a while and made it to the surgical center by 9. There were zero seats in the waiting room so Becca, Mom and I sat in the hallway. At 930 they took me back for preop. It was FREEZING back there and the nurse told me I had to take off my clothes and put on my gown. I look at her like she was an alien and told her that I would probably wait until closer to my op time. She complied. Mom and Becca eventually came back AFTER the nurse put my IV in. Let me tell you...I was not thrilled about that. I only found out last night that I would need an IV and intubation. EW. Walking into that place grossed me out...much less any needles or gagging things. So, I requested that she numb my hand before she put the IV in and that was a GREAT choice. Did not feel a thing after my "bee sting" numbing needle. The nurse was pretty annoyed with how anxious I was and I was glad to see her go. They took me back for surgery at 1045 and I woke up at 1230 good as new.

The nurse in recovery asked me what level my pain was. I had intended to say 6 no matter what during my preop conversation with the nurse, yet when I was asked in recovery, for some reason I said two. But I remembered saying four - so something was off. The fuzziness or medicine really worked me there. Charles will enjoy this 1-10 pain scale as it is a Brian Regan comedian reference. I should have said higher...just for the fun of it. Did not get home until 230 after stopping at Grandaddy's to get crutches, where he tried to force me to take a walker. Yea, right. Like I am going to be seen using one of those things. I finally got to eat and I really think taht if I was prescribed meds like this on a regular basis that I would be ginormous. I have been eating like a pig.

Pretty minimal pain, mostly just pressure so I feel pretty lucky. Dr. Legg has me already putting pressure on my cast and I am pretty stoked that it hasn't been bad so far. Luckily I cant drive for two weeks either :) Pretty tired now, but watched Prince Caspian before dinner and now decorating the tree about to watch Stepbrothers. I love being home!

Hopefully I'll have something funnier to say tomorrow. Other than that I already miss friends in Cincinnat, but can't wait to see family in Canton! PLUS Danielle's 21st..holla.

Back to putting the finishing touches on the Christmas letter.

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The Lombardi Family said...

Yea!!! so exicted for you all to come to canton!

And dont worry- Even though I am old and a mom...Im plan on partying it up for Danielles 21st.

Hola - as you said :)