Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Am Sorry I Have Deprived You This Long

Ok ok. I know I have left all of you wanting more these past couple of days. Let's be real, without me blogging, what else is there to read on the internet?

It has been busy here the past couple days. What with a party at our house, Christmas Eve and morning at Grandaddy's and then presents and stockings here today, we have been busy.

I am sitting in the living room now with Becca, both of us on laptops, after having watched home movies for the past 3 hours. My number one all time favorite pasttime: watching home movies. We watched a video today, one of my favorites, of Becca, Danielle Robert and I dancing to a Mary Kate & Ashley CD, which included such song titles as: I Am the Cute One, She's Just My Sister and the ever famous Yakkity Yak, Don't Talk Back. Our home movies are the source of many sayings that we quote on a daily basis and it is always funny to just happen upon the origin of said phrases.

What an awesome Christmas it was. I am not sure if I am just getting older, but I was so satisfied this Christmas. Not left wanting anything more, both psysically and emotionally. I am tired, so I guess I am left wanting some sleep, but truly feel so content with the time we have spent together. Big gift this year was our kid gift to mom. The four of us created a Snapfish photo book where I compiled our submitted pictures along with quotes from all of us into a book made especially for mom. She opened it and before she read the first sentence on the first page she burst in to tears. SCORE one for kids!

We all went to First Presby for church last night was I loved. We really only go there for church maybe every 2 years at Christmas because of Grandaddy, but I love it. It is such a great mix of contemporary and traditional that it really fits the ways that I like to worship. Also, this won't surprise my Dad, but Bill McCoy, the pastor, is a former YoungLife guy. He plays the guitar and sings, and is very personable. I am excited to find and settle in to a church that will really feel like home to me once I move. The past few years I have been floating around, but it will be nice once I have moved to find community in a church and feel truly at home.

My Christmas was semi indicative of my impending graduation and move to independence. The second gift I opened was a ten piece set of corningware which I am pretty psyched about and my last gift was a vacuum. In the middle there was a pink tool kit and a safe road side car kit. This is so exciting for me. I know that I will REALLY miss Cincinnati and college way more than I expect to right now, but I am so looking forward to the new life that I will be starting that I can't help but think about what challenges and opportunities might come my way.

Anyway...TOMORROW will be a GREAT day, seeing as how I CANNOT WAIT to get to Canton and see ALL of my cousins. It is a very rare occasion that all 24? of us are all together. And to top it all off, tomorrow is Danielle's 21st. I am too excited for words about just getting to see everyone together and spend time just having fun and making memories. We don't have much common time together, so this will be so great. Plus I get to see Nana and Grandpa...maybe chat with Grandpa about any necessary blog revisions?

See you all soon. Love on this Christmas Day. How thankful I am for the Savior who saved my life.



Chad said...

Love it.

Wish I could meet and hang out with your family.

Also, don't worry too much about your readers starving, they can read me...haha

Grandpa said...

How wonderful! Anxiously awaiting your arrival in an hour or so. Hurry up!

Kellie said...

Our family LOVES to watch old home videos at Christmas time. Our families would get along so well!