Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big sis.

Much to say after having Becca and Robert here. It is 11:13 PM and they are both out cold. Though this picture doesn't make much sense. We did the zoo for 3 hours, then I worked for five. While I worked, they both got in naps, and Becca made us dinner. Then we got yogoot and played speed scrabble with Charles and Natalie, and THEY are tired. I have not stopped. Plus I washed dishes. I am just older. Later bedtime. Always been the oldest and some things never change (yes I realize it is not possible to change me being the oldest...for the sake of the reference). I love being a big sister.

Will blog more tomorrow after they hit the road. For now I will join them in slumber. Expect some great pics tomorrow!


Kathy said...

What picture are you referring to in, "...though this picture does not make much sense..."?

The Lombardi Family said...

i love being the big sister too!