Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I. Need. A. Job.

So. "Because of the economy right now" I am currently on the waiting list for the job that I applied for in Charlotte, NC. The organization will not know until min-April how many spots that they are allotted per state from Americore.

That being said, and after some extensive research over the past few days, I need your help. I am enlisting readers of my blog to.....

Okay I am kidding because we all know that there are about 5 jobs out there to be had and I don't exactly have specialized skills that are not otherwise disposable when people need to cut back. I still really desire to move to NC, but I am not sure how much confidence I have in moving there without a job. Scary that living at home might become more and more of a reality? But, I keep looking and pray for the best. I know that the Lord will provide in the long run, but I am impatient, so I am working on that.

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Grandpa said...

I know you'll find something. How much school do you have left?