Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day

After a few uncharacteristically enjoyable days of Cincinnati weather, the rain is back to stay. Had rain all last night and after staying up until 2 am watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, I slept in until 10:30 this morning because of the rain. Mind you, I have no obligations today other than our church small group tonight at 8 with my high school girls. I had a great morning just spending time in the word and prayer. I have been in a pretty frustrated place lately when it comes to prayer. I have been met, through several different mediums, with the call to prayer. I feel like I have been answering this call, numerous different times as of late, and I don't feel like I am getting answers from the Lord about the things that I am praying about.

This morning I specifically sat down to praise, repent, ask and yield. I have been specifically looking for any sort of clarity or peace about my after graduation situation, and I feel frustrated because I don't think that the Lord has been revealing this to me. I am honest about this because God knows what I am thinking anyway, and if I am not honest, that frustration and denial stands as a bigger hindrance between me and the Lord. SO, this morning, I felt very convicted by the Lord in what I believe was direct word from Him...and it had nothing to do with what I wanted answers about. Fancy that, God has his own agenda.

I have a sneaky and cunning part of me that creeps up every once in a while that makes em feel entitled to this case I have felt entitled to some answers because time is fast approaching and I have been trying hard to look for God's will. But He has some different ideas for me now. This is hard to swallow, but I felt so reassured this morning that I heard the Lord's voice speaking to me about something. I don't think that I ever doubt that he is there listening, but it helps to be reminded that he is also speaking back if I just shut up and listen. much as I hate rain. Thanks for the rain today God.

So on a completely unrelated note...I locked my keys in my car on Monday.
I have become notorious for this since getting my car sophomore year of college. In the first year of having my car, I locked my keys in my car 8 different times. This resulted in several calls to local police stations, in my roommate having to skip a class to bring me my keys, and on Monday in my first call to AAA. Now, this past Christmas my parents purchased a hide-a-key that goes under my car so that if I do lock myself out I can easily fix the situation. I went running on Saturday and just used the hide a key, so that I wouldn't have to run with my keys. I neglected to put it back. So on Monday, I got out of my car with just my cell phone and had it locked from the inside, keys still in the on position in the ignition, and the hide a key sitting on my front seat inside my car.

After calling Norwood police and finding out that they do not have the tools to jimmy the keys out of my car, they suggested a locksmith. I declined this gracious $75 offer after I remembered that I have AAA. This has been the gift taht really keeps on giving. In the past 2 months AAA has changed my tire, gotten me a zoo discount, gotten me a travel discount, and gotten my keys out of my car for free. So, I wait on the front porch, up rolls AAA and sure enough, he gets the car unlocked in one little swipe. Congratulations to me for being to resourceful.


Kathy said...

"...and gotten my keys out of my car for free." Not exactly!

Grandpa said...

Funny story! Not for you.....but for me. Love you.