Saturday, March 7, 2009

Florida Edition: Volume 5

We leave Florida tomorrow. Since Allison has been telling me that I look like the girls that work at the tanning bed, I might be ready to get out of the direct sun for a while. I have never had this many freckles. We will be hitting the beach tomorrow around 10 and coming in around 2 so leave for the airport by 330 for our flight that leaves at 450 from Sarasota. That was a lot of times. Keep up...

Last night was ridiculous. We played Monopoly for 4 hours with three young children. Allison and I, her aunt and uncle, and their three kids. Winner: Eli...age 7. No special treatment, in fact, we tried to take advantage of his naivete at the beginning and he ends up with bank. I hate Monopoly, mostly. I am not aggressive when it comes to playing, and 5 day long games in Kiawah really ruined it for me. Dane Cook we are on the SAME page. Afterwards Allison and I hit karaoke to bask in the 15 minutes of fame that the Sarasota/Siesta Key locals thrive on. Our own little version of American idol, without and star cred or celebrities involved. Absolutely hilarious.

We kayaked in the Bay today (otherwise known as the intercoastal). It is separate from the Gulf and ultimately flows into it. Lots of manatees when it is warmer and MANY MANY pelicans. disgust. We got pretty close to a dolphin, which was awesome. Basically I petted it, but not really. Got in some pool time with kids later in the afternoon, then babysat this eve so Allison's aunt and uncle could go out to eat. This was GREAT for me because it mean ice cream. After ice cream we took the kids out on the beach to check out the stars. I will never be unamazed by the stars. When I can see a full sky with little lighting I never EVER question anything that the Lord does on thsi earth. Talk about perspective. I just feel so small. It is so cliche, but the cold soft sand, sound of waves and smell of the breeze at night on a beach make it holy to me. I mentioned to Allison that I just couldn't imagine not living near a beach for the duration of my life once I am out of Cincinnati. I think I really mean it. I want to drag my family there. 

Something else I love: experiencing things with kids. They are so amazed and enamored by things that are simple. It makes everything that much more unbelievable and new for me as well. CRAZY....just crazy. It had been years since I had been to the beach with young kids and thiese past couple days have been so fun, just seeing how they experience and react to things they do and see. Faith like a child. Jesus said it right ( as if he needs my affirmation).


Grandpa said...
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Grandpa said...

aHave a safe trip home girls. And cherish these memories. Love you Jaclyn.