Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

There is currently a glare on my computer screen that I am pretty happy about. I have my window behind my desk open and the shun is shining. It smells like outside in here. Perfecto.

I have been pretty stressed out lately about some stuff that I have just been refusing to surrender to the Lord. This refusal to surrender has not been totally conscious, but finding a job and making a decision about spending money on a graduation trip are two things that I try to control. Decision making always seems to be a big part of my life that I cannot surrender. I am so consumed with having ideas of my own and jumping on board for things before I really take the chance to sit down and pray about them. This job thing is turning out to actually be as bad as people have been saying, and I have been spending the last 24 hours just really TRULY trying to give up my fears and restlessness about it.

The weather helps, but I am already feeling a greater peace about it. A woman that I babysit for asked for me resume to pass on to people that she is involved with in the non-profit world too....just this afternoon. Already God is proving to me that I need to and can only find joy in trusting Him.

Spring in Cincinnati makes me appreciate it 100x more. There are so many college kids out on their porches and friends yelling and chatting in the street. As much as I love fall, Spring has the promise of summer to go along with it. So, here it is folks. Spring has officially sprung in Cincinnati.

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