Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That's My Dad

My dad is comfortable with his sexuality. He and my mom have been married either 23 or 24 years this coming April, and I'd say that he has proven that he is a straight married man. Now that I have set this up so that he can't totally hate me for posting this picture...here comes the story.

My sister Becca sent me a picture via cell phone text yesterday evening, a picture that prompted ample amounts of LOL'ing. After seeing said picture, I asked her how sneaky she could be in taking the same picture on my dad's iphone so that it could be emailed to me and uploaded on the web. She is, of course, the sneakiest out of the four of us (best at finding out and keeping secrets, and also very aware of the going's on of most people in Charleston - that is why her hair is so big). So, because of her sweet-talking and perceived innocent naivete, she was able to come up with this.

Behold, my dad getting a pedicure with his youngest daughter. I suppose this is what Jessica meant by father daughter bonding? Exactly what I had in mind too. I salute you Mr. So Comfortable With Yourself That You Are Not Embarrassed To Get a Pedicure. That's my dad.